Sagittarian Matters

Episode #202-ZARI ESAIAN Advice on Activism, Allyship, Breakups, Bedbugs, Long Distance Relationships AND MORE!

June 19, 2020

We are over to moon to have formerly ANONYMOUS BUTCH Zari Esaian back on the show to talk about 

Long Distance Relationships, Breakups, Bedbug Machines, Activism, Allyship, AND MORE. With my guest, Zari Esaian. Stay tuned. 




Zari  is the founder of a feline appreciation society called Cat Klub. She loves a good fight, lives in New York, and you may recognize her from episodes 136 and as the voice of ANONYMOUS BUTCH, and episode 166 in which she saved a kitten off a busy freeway and then got it lost in her car. Zari joined us from New York to give advice about long distance relationships, breakups, activism as an adult AND MORE.