Sagittarian Matters

Episode #245-KAIA WILSON & MORGAN give ADVICE on VEGAN HEALTH & TRAVEL ROUTINES, Plus Vegan Chocolate Skulls, Ice Cream Anger, Cannibalism & MORE.

October 5, 2021

We are over the moon this week to welcome Kaia Wilson & MORGAN to the show to give advice on travel routines and vegan health. We also get angry over ice cream, taste Kind brand ice cream, crack into a skull from Lagusta’s Luscious AND hear an unsolicited vegan food review for AvocaJOE from friend to the show Dawn Riddle. 

Tune in!



Today’s episode brought to you by Josephine McRobbie, Emily Helmus, Maria Turner-Carney , Laura Perry Shoshanna Ruth Wechter, and JOEY SOLOWAY!!!



It is also brought to you by 

Lagusta’s Luscious’ chocolates: organic, fair-trade, always vegan caramels, 

bonbons, bars, and more made for you in New Paltz, NY with passion and politics. 


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