Episode #50-Nate Powell & MARCH!!

January 20, 2017

Comics, parenting, hard work and the book MARCH! with Nate Powell.


Episode #49-Sex advice!! With Brandie Taylor

January 13, 2017

Today we are joined by Brandie Taylor of Magic Hour Astrology to answer questions about being newly queer, the truth about penises, the ART of cunnilingus, and more!



January 6, 2017

This week we have food poisoning, & thus, an abbreviated podcast. 

But we do have some recommendations for you, and have posted some videos on the blog: sagittarianmatters.tumblr.com. Enjoy. 

Episode #48-Food Reviews & Comics Advice!!!

December 30, 2016

Series regular Morgan returns to try some oddball vegan foods like butter-flavored oil and potato fruit leather. Nicole jumps on the horn to tell you how to live your lives in a special end-of-year comics advice special!


Episode #47-It’s Raining Men! Holiday Advice Smorgasbord with Sam Early, Amos Mac, Rocco Kayiatos, Sawyer Devuyst, Cody the Pekinese, and special guest Amanda!!!!

December 23, 2016
Today we cover keeping up the fight in 2017, dating while parenting, parental toilet seats, artistic romance, burping, ghosting, dog decorum and MORE!

Episode #46-Michelle Tea gives advice on tokenism, sobriety, handjobs & post-election despair.

December 16, 2016

Today I'm joined by author Michelle Tea to answer questions about being tokenized, being sad, being sober, & what to do if your husband is getting HJs on the DL. Tune in!


Episode #45-Making Art During Fascism with Beth Pickens!!!

December 9, 2016

Arts consultant Beth Pickens joins me to discuss practical tips & survival techniques for artists during these harsh political times. Bonus: she weighs in on cartoonists, negotiating your worth and MORE.


Episode #44-Rocco Kayiatos & VANESSA DAVIS!!!

December 2, 2016
Today's advice spectacular features Rocco Kayiatos (OP Magazine) and cartoonist Vanessa Davis (Spaniel Rage, Make Me A Woman) discussing codepency, being a grown up, and the importance of art in these troubled times.

Tune in!

Episode #43-BETH DITTO!!

November 25, 2016

Today we share a blast from the past with punk feminist Beth Ditto. She jumps in and gives advice on grace, accepting praise, self esteem, self hatred, polyamory, and MORE. 


Episode #42-ALISON BECHDEL!!!

November 18, 2016

Enjoy some post-election despair and comics talk with "Fun Home" and "Dykes to Watch Out For" creator Alison Bechdel!!!