Episode #151-CRISTY ROAD talks Tarot, Miami, Punkness, Queerness & MORE!!

March 22, 2019

We are over the moon to welcome Cuban-American artist, writer, and musician Cristy C. Road to the show today!

Cristy joined us to talk about her Next World Tarot deck, growing up punk and queer in Miami, her love of Child's Play and SO. MUCH. MORE. 

Tune in. 



March 8, 2019

Today on the show we bring you our FAVORITE VEGAN RESTAURANTS & FOODS in Portland & Los Angeles with Friend-to-the-show Morgan. Plus! Dried Fruit Power Rankings, non-dairy milk, food poisoning, make-ahead meals, gummy vitamins, soups, the hard garlic questions and MORE.

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Episode #149-BETH PICKENS Art, Advice, Crying, Pets & Grief!

March 1, 2019

Today on Sagittarian Matters, we talk about art, making art during depression, pets, saying goodbye, supporting friends through grief and MORE with frequent contributor BETH PICKENS. Plus! In a Sagittarian Matters first, both host and guest openly cry at the same time.

Don't skip it!

Episode #148-MICHELLE TEA!!! Advice, anti-racism, weddings, breakups and MORE!!

February 22, 2019

Today on Sagittarian Matters, we welcome writer and regular Michelle Tea to the show to answer your questions about weddings, white supremacy, current events, breakups and MORE. Also please enjoy a squirrel update and the sound of producer Ponyo gently snoring.


Episode #147-YASMINE DIAZ & AKINA COX!!! Talking about secrets, estrangement, cults, religion, zines & MORE.

February 15, 2019
Today we are over the moon to welcome artists Yasmine Diaz & Akina Cox to the show on the occasion of their new zine, "Sleepwalking Towards the Exit". We talk about religion, estrangement, cults, representation, insular conservative communities, safety, imposter syndrome and MORE! 
You can hear them read THIS SUNDAY at Other Books in Boyle Heights (otherbooksla.com) , or order their zine: https://franklinpress.bigcartel.com/product/sleepwalking-towards-the-exit
Find them on instagram: @yasmine.diaz  @akinacox 

Episode #146-BETH PICKENS gives ADVICE on making art during grief, while getting an MFA, applying for grants & MORE!!

February 1, 2019

We are delighted to welcome back Tier 1 Friend-to-the-Show BETH PICKENS, author of "Your Art Will Save Your Life", to answer listener questions on what to do if you are disgruntled with your MFA Program, how to make art during grief, how to support grieving friends, applying for grants and MORE. Bonus: Beth lets us in on her controversial system of putting her friends into tiers, including the dreaded "Acquaintance Radius". You will not want to miss this!!

Episode #145-ALISON BECHDEL discusses family, memoir, grief & more.

January 25, 2019

Today on the podcast, we welcome Alison Bechdel back to the show!

Alison is the author of Fun Home, Are You My Mother? and Dykes to Watch Out For. 

She joined NJG to discuss family, memoir, grief, social media, and MORE. 


You can find an illustrated excerpt of this interview in the Nib's Family Issue. 


Episode #144-ADVICE & WEIRD VEGAN FOOD! Romance, Lentil Rice, Banh Mi & MORE with NJG & Morgan!!

January 18, 2019
Today on the show we deliver good news, bad news, a food review, friend to the show Morgan, and some advice. 
Featuring Banza Lentil Rice, Vegan Banh Mi, Chickpea Tofu, Boundaries, news involving Alison Bechdel, Queer Abby, Ponzini Linguini AND MORE. 
Tune in. 

Episode #143-LAGUSTA YEARWOOD! Recipes, Annoying Vegans, Advice & MORE.

January 11, 2019

Today on the Splendid Sagittarian Table, we welcome LAGUSTA “Umami” YEARWOOD back to the show in honor of NJG’s 22nd vegan anniversary to talk about…. VEGAN FOOD. 


We give recipes, talk vegan travel, etiquette around shade and unsolicited advice, our favorite restaurants in NY, Portland, LA, advice about knives, miso, fermented foods AND MORE. 



You can find lagusta at lagustasluscious.com

and use the code SAGITTARIAN for 10% off!!! 



Go to vegetariancalculator.com or vegancalculator.com to calculate how many animal you have not eaten! 

Episode #142-LIZZY COOPERMAN!!! Comedy, emojis, Christmas, Lyme Disease & MORE!

January 4, 2019

Today we welcome comedian, actor & writer LIZZY COOPERMAN to the studio to chat about a humid Christmas, crying emojis, comedy, Lyme Disease, misadventures in modeling and MORE.

Find her debut comedy album, Organism, on iTunes or via LizzyCooperman.com right NOW.