Sagittarian Matters

Episode #244-VEGAN DINNER with DAWN RIDDLE!!! Morgan & Nicole visit BAD BOYS DINER. Plus PB Cups, Tahini Shake, Microwaved Lettuce AND MORE.

September 14, 2021

Listeners, today is a very special vegan food episode. 


A show time ago, frequent contributor to the show Morgan and I were invited over to Bad Boy’s Diner for a 5 course meal made up of entirely original recipes. 


Bad Boys’ Diner is a free dining experience created by Portland artist, musician and playwright Dawn Riddle. 


If listening to a podcast is like hanging out with the host, then this episode will be like a dinner party with friends.  I invite you to a backyard  at the end of the summer, with Producer Ponyo, friend to the show Morgan, and Dawn Riddle.


We will talk about the sourest sourdough focaccia, hardcore music from my past that does not hold up, making the best out food fails, microwaved  a mild tahini milkshake recipe and MORE! 


If you would like to see some of Dawn’s culinary creations , go to @badboysdiner on instagram. 


Now, on with the show. 

Dine with us, won’t you? 

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