Sagittarian Matters

Episode #249-BISHAKH SOM! Comics, advice, food, trans cartography & MORE.

December 14, 2021

We are over the moon to welcome award-winning graphic novelist BISHAKH SOM to the podcast today! 


Bishakh is the author of Apsara Engine & Spellbound. She was an  architect , who changed her life completely and dedicated herself to comics in New York City in her 40s.  

Bishak’s short story collection, 

Apsara Engine, won the LA Times Book prize for graphic literature. 


Her work explores themes of gender, sexuality, memory and urbanism, among other things. 


Her website states: On a formal level, some of my pieces conflate the tools of architectural representation with those of sequential narrative in order to question these very methods and offer new means of representing space, time and the role of the body in both simultaneously.


Bishakh joined me through the magic of the internet to talk about her books, food, trans cartography, world-building, comics tools, advice  and MORE. 

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