Sagittarian Matters

Episode #260-BETH PICKENS- Advice on Art, Opportunities, Problematic Friends & MORE! Plus- vegan food reviews w DAWN RIDDLE, and Nicole mentions COVID.

June 28, 2022

We are over the moon today to have honored Capricorn BETH PICKENS on the show to dole out advice on accepting opportunities and making time for your art practice. PLUS we answer a couple vintage advice questions about problematic friends and how to accept your character assets that have gone out of wack. 


PLUS beverage reviews from DAWN RIDDLE & friends, and Nicole tells you how she got the novel CORONAVIRUS 19. 



Beth Pickens is the author of the books Your Art Will Save Your Life and Make Your Art No Matter What.

Beth is an arts consultant, a CAPRICORN, and an esteemed friend to the show. 

You can join her homework club RIGHT NOW at .

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